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          Hunan Juta Smart MaterialTechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, productproduction and sales of related technologies in the field of advancednano/micro powder materials. Production and operation of micro and nano metals,micro and nano alloys, micro and nano non-metals, micro and nano oxides, microand nano carbides, micro and nano nitrides, micro and nano borides, micro andnano sulfides, micro and nano silicides, micro and nano rare earths, etc.Powder materials; the main products are silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride(GaN), aluminum nitride (AIN) and other high chemical purity micro-nano powdermaterials used in semiconductor materials; FeSiB (FeSiB) used in inductors )And other spherical amorphous soft magnetic micro-nano powder materials; nickel(Ni), silver (Ag) and other micro-nano powder materials used in conductivepaste for electronic capacitors (MLCC); lithium and lithium used in lithiumbattery positive and negative materials Alloys, silicon and silicon alloys,fast ion conductive ceramics for solid electrolytes and other micro-nano powdermaterials.

Nearly 30 years of industry experience

         With our long-termconcentrated research in the field of powder materials, we are determined toinnovate and accumulate deep foundation; we are becoming more and more perfectin all aspects of powder material design, production and preparation, andquality evaluation, and the product performance index control threshold iswide; we present high-performance micro/nano metals and Alloy powder materials,non-metal powder materials, ceramic powder materials.

       These materials have the characteristics ofhigh purity, good sphericity, few micro-defects, smooth surface and goodparticle dispersion. It is widely recognized in many industries and fields suchas energy storage battery materials, magnetic materials, semiconductormaterials, optoelectronic materials, microelectronic materials, aerospacematerials, military materials, and medical materials, and its technical levelranks in the world!

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Marketing Director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize and manage the marketing teamto complete marketing goals;

2. Product marketing, design and implementproduct promotion strategies;

2. Company brand promotion, setting andexecuting promotion activities;

4. According to market hotspots, in line with productcharacteristics, carry out marketing activities and make full use of variousplatform methods to obtain more users and better product sales.

1. Bachelor degree or above, withexperience in similar industries and excellent market team managementcapabilities;

2. Possess rich industry contacts, strongmedia planning and writing skills, and be able to formulate and implementcorresponding promotion and communication plans according to the needs of thecompany;

3. Have strong observation andadaptability, excellent interpersonal communication and coordination skills,and strong social activities;

4. Can lead the team to complete the company's annualmarketing goals.

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